Do You Network wit Atlanta Dj’s

People often ask how do you build relationships with DJ’s. My answer to that is you have to network. Networking is the key to success that many people miss out on. AtlantaDJ’s  are just people like anyone else in this world. Atlanta DJ’s

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hold the keys to many artist careers, but they are just people. As an artist, you should try to establish a relationship just like if you were trying to get some ass from a chick. You are going to take your time to get to know her until the desired result is achieved. People are more concerned with you caring about them as people. People careless about being a business associates at times. I remember TJ’s DJ’s Owner said “ask me how I’m doing some time”  his point was that he is human just like you. If you get to know people on a personal level they might play your music as a result.

As an independent artist, you are going to have to get some patience when trying to get your music played. It is more about the relationship, then it is about you getting your music played on the radio by someone who don’t know you. A young indie artist needs to understand that people have lives, and do other things outside of their job of playing records. You are going to really need to see that person at least seven to ten times before you start asking about playing your music. Final point, just work on building friends in the business, and if you hang long enough you will meet the cats who will play your music for you.



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